Mother of 6 Killed: How to Help


Warning:  This story is horrifying.  But you need to keep reading.  This mother lived in my community and was murdered Friday night by a drunk driver. She had six children. Six.

She was returning home from visiting her two premie babies in the NICU when she was hit by a drunk driver with open containers in the vehicle.  Instantly destroying multiple families and breaking 6 little hearts.

There’s a very generous “YouCaring” fund that’s growing but I wanted to start a “laundry fund”.  I’m working with the owners of the Lost Sock Laundromat to sponsor laundry for the father for as long as possible.

His laundry will be picked up, cleaned, FOLDED and returned same day once a week. The owners of the laundromat are waiving the trip charge for each visit.

Please or comment below or email if you’d like to be included in the process to help him PRACTICALLY with laundry. You can donate right to his account. We will work with a family liaison to coordinate pickups as not to overwhelm him.

He might not use the laundry services for a while.   But when the chaos subsides, family leaves and the “new normal” sets in….let’s do his laundry.   The man has 4 boys and 2 premie daughters to raise…alone.  I’m constantly inundated with laundry and I only have 3 boys.

Would you help him?

This is one of those stories that makes you feel physically ill, angry and terrified.

Please push beyond the emotions and consider helping with action.

Please complete this 3 question form and let us know how much you’d like to sponsor for laundry. You will receive an emailed invoice and your donation will be added DIRECTLY to his account.

** EDITED TO CLARIFY: I am personally not collecting ANY money. The Lost Sock Laundromat has created a fund specifically for this father and his children. All proceeds are going directly towards his account. People who wish to donate will receive an official invoice from The Lost Sock Laundromat.

** UPDATE as of Oct 9 at 9:45pm: The response from our community (and beyond) has been incredible.  If you filled out the below form to sponsor a load (or more) of laundry, please be patient.  The Lost Sock Laundromat is processing each sponsorship individually and you’ll receive an email with payment instructions.

*UPDATE as of Oct 10 at 12:40pm:   DRUM ROLL PLEASE! We have over 4,000 pounds of laundry sponsored.    This means – we can handle his laundry for over 2 years!

*UPDATE as of Oct 13 12:00pm:  We spoke to the family representative and the father is thrilled with the laundry services.   He’s very grateful and would be thrilled with more loads sponsored.  Therefore, we are opening it up again for additional sponsors.    Your support and love for this family is so encouraging!   Please keep sharing!

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  1. I’ve been in tears every time I see this news story. Shattered by the thought of that family trying to carry on. This is a beautiful idea, and I’m taking the feelings it gives me as a sign that this is for me to help with. The practicality and the immediacy of this help is brilliant. Thank you. Sending you a message asap.

    • Thank you for this sweet message. The pain the family is feeling is understandably breath taking. I’ve been so thrilled to see my community and all over the country support this father.

  2. HI Brendie,
    So glad you are doing this. I contacted the person raising money for them to offer assistance from our family. My husband works with the father and knows the family. They are new to town and may not know many folks. Moved here two years ago. Let’s chat about this soon. You are a blessing.

  3. I was just wondering, if they are not originally from here could they possibly move out of town? I was thinking money directly to him might be a good idea. Thoughts?

    • I love the way you’re thinking! There is a YouCaring page already established and is doing very well.

      This particular outreach is for laundry only. And if the Father moves, doesn’t want the service (or for any other reason)… the owners of the laundromat will give him the cash directly.

  4. I have heard that they have had a huge response for the funding of the laundry. Could there be something organized for a housecleaning service donation drive also?

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