About Brendie

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FAMILY LIFE: She is married to Noah, mother of three crazy boys, follower of Jesus and works and volunteers from her home in Southern California. Brendie is 1 of 7 children and adores her siblings something fierce. When she’s not pregnant, she enjoys leading whiskey tasting classes with her husband.

FINANCIAL COACH: Brendie is a certified Financial Coach through the Dave Ramsey coaching series and has coordinated Financial Peace University (FPU) classes for over 7 years benefitting 300+individuals.

Brendie went through intense financial coaching training, providing tools to address hard situations like bankruptcy, financial infidelity and foreclosures. Brendie walks families through basic budgeting, debt reduction, how money affects marriages and much more.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: An accomplished public speaker and trainer, she has made formal presentations before various local City Councils, to the media, community organizations, church groups and thousands of public servants across the State of California.

VOLUNTEERING: Brendie has considerable volunteer experience internationally, assisting the adoption of orphans in Port au Prince, Haiti, developing language curriculum and teaching English in Krakow and Zyrdow, Poland, and helping medical support staff in Tena, Ecuador.  Additionally, she has visited Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and Israel.

EDUCATION: Brendie graduated with honors from The Master’s College, in Santa Clarita with a B.A. in Political Studies and was identified as an “Outstanding Graduate” in Political Studies.  She also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from California State University, Northridge.

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