Product Recommendations

I am deeply invested and committed to the Amazon family and organization.  Probably more than any company on the planet.   

I’m a Prime Member and do almost 90% of shopping online.  I wrote about Prime Day 2017 and I  participate in their monthly “Subscribe & Save” service for home goods. All three of my baby registries were managed by Amazon and I consider Alexa my personal assistant.

However, for obvious reasons, my favorite program is VINE.  Through Vine, I receive free products from sellers based on my previous reviews and purchase history.  The items I receive are targeted to my shopping history and preferences. I provide an honest review in exchange for these items and often get to test products before they’re launched nationwide.   I know what you’re thinking.  “How can I get into this program?”  I honestly don’t know.  They are very selective with VINE members and you have to be invited. We think it’s based on previous review history and purchase patterns.  On a side note, writing reviews is vital to small businesses owners and as previously discussed, online reviews shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I research and vet my purchases very carefully.  I will spend months reading and investigating a single item before purchasing.  It’s not easy. There are a lot of fake reviews and it’s often exhausting.  I only recommend products I personally use.

Because of my Amazon history, I was invited to participate in another Amazon service called, “Amazon Influencers“.   They’ve offered me the ability to create a personalized page with products I recommend.  This may not seem like a big deal but it will save me loads of time.  I’m asked probably 3-4x a week for product feedback and ideas.   Now – I can add items to my page and direct people accordingly.

You can hover over the text / chat box symbol and see a quick description.  I am constantly updating and adding more products.

They are still fine-tuning the features but it’s been great so far.  If there’s a product you don’t see listed, contact me.  Maybe I’ve already done the research for you!

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