Heter Family Woodworking

(I’m pregnant with Wade here)

Heter Family Woodworking started accidentally in 2013.   My husband, Noah, started working on our new home and I realized he was an insanely talented finished carpenter.

He would be half way through a project and I’d ask, “How is it going?”    His standard answer was, “I don’t know. I’ve never done this before.”

WHAT? For reals?  Everything looked so beautiful and he casually tackled major projects.  He made everything look easy.   True talent.

He took my ideas and made them reality.   I’m talking…my crazy ramblings…he would make happen.  Friends and family started asking to hire him. And slowly … we grew a small business.

We purposely added the word “family” into our business name.  We have 3 boys and we want to build a legacy for their future.  The side work we generate quite literally goes into their college funds.   I’m so grateful for our friends and local community who’ve supported us.

So, if you’re local to the Santa Clarita Valley and need some custom finished carpentry….we’d be honored to give you an estimate!