Chick-fil-A Kids Club: The Perfect Date Night

There was a pretty good turn out!

The last few weeks, I’ve been creating a list of Date Night ideas for my sons and I.  They are only 4,2, and 1 but I want to establish a tradition where they have exclusive 1:1 “Mommy Time”.   Our days are hectic and I want to focus on them without distraction.

I have a great list of ideas going but would love to hear your ideas for kid date nights in the comments!

My date night criteria :

  • Inexpensive
  • No screens (no movie theaters, arcades, etc.)
  • Purposeful
  • Interactive (between him and I)
  • Adventerous

My oldest son (4) is the only one who gets “date nights” now.  On our last date, I took him to Chick-fil-A’s Kid’s Club.  I enjoyed the evening so much that I wanted to share the experience. The evening also matched my criteria except “adventurous”.  Each month (not including the summer) our local Chick-Fil-A (CFA) hosts “Kids Club” on the second Tuesday of the month.

INEXPENSIVE:  It’s Chick-fil-A, people.  Yummy, inexpensive and the food is fresh and so dang good.  Nuff’ said.

NO SCREENS: My kids get enough screen time.  I know this is a highly sensitive issue for parents but…screens aren’t allowed on our date.

PURPOSEFUL:  At each Kids Club, they focus on a particular character trait. Yes. You read that correctly.  CHARACTER building in children. [gasp]   This is my idea of “purposeful”.  This is worth my time.  Most activities geared towards children emphasize their “inner goodness”, “self-esteem” and beat the ever-so-loud “follow your heart” drum.  [eye roll]  It’s my opinion, children should be taught character…not how they are already perfect. But that’s for another post.

October’s character trait was creativity, November will be gratitude and December is generosity.

When I first walked into the restaurant, I was greeted warmly by staff (the CFA standard) and they checked us in right away.  Staff transformed the space to a Fall Festival and with crafts, supplies and tables ready.  Everything was free to use.

We grabbed a quick dinner and while eating I tried to engage in “purposeful” conversation.  I always ask him on dates, “how I can be praying for you” or “what makes you sad“.  Disclaimer: The conversations can be amazing.  But he’s 4 so…it’s a crap shoot.

INTERACTIVE: He played inside the play structure and then announced loudly [read: yelled uncomfortably loud] he was, “ready to make his pumpkin!!!!”   The adults giggled and he marched over ready to work.  He loves crafts (I do not), adores glitter (I do not) and gravitates towards glue (I do not). He was basically in crafters heaven with the options.  We discussed the word “creativity” and how he’s creative at home and school.   We worked together and interacted while discussing his art.  We played games and even though I had glitter all over….I actually found myself sad when we needed to leave.

It was truly a great night. It was also a major blessing to this Momma’s heart because we don’t always have fun and cherished moments. While pulling out of the parking lot, my son surprised me with a question he must have been thinking about. “Momma – how are YOU creative?”   He was learning and challenging his mind.  We were having amazing conversations and I was grateful.

As I turned off the van – he said, “Momma, I like being with you with no babies“.  Oh my sweet boy.   He’s sensitive, kind and intuitive.  I’m thankful my local Chick-Fil-A offers such a resource to parents and pushes character along the way.  It will make our date nights easier to plan and help me remain consistent.

Does your local Chick-Fil-A have a Kids Club?  Check it out.

Local SCV Friends: The next Kids Club is November 14th.   You should follow their Facebook Page to get updates on their events.

Do you have regular 1:1 date nights with your kids? Share your ideas! Don’t hoard them!