iWatch Series 4 for Women’s Wrists


What does the new Series 4 iWatch look like on a female’s wrist?

Is the 44mm too big?  Maybe?   Watch the below 30 second video and check it out.  I couldn’t find ONE tutorial or video on how the iWatch looked on a woman’s wrist.  The new 44mm looked huge and I couldn’t figure out how it would look in “real life”.

In the beginning of the year, I set a major goal and it (honestly) seemed unattainable.  My husband and I decided the reward would be a new iWatch if I met said goal. (Hint:  I got the new Series 4 watch last week.)

When I met my goal I was excited to finally order my watch.  It aligned with my birthday AND the release of the latest model.  It was the perfect present.  However, picking the right size watch ended up being a major mental marathon.

I didn’t know WHAT size to get and I couldn’t find any details on what the watch looked like on a female wrist.

So, here are a a few pictures of the two side-by-side.  I ultimately picked the smaller size (40mm) and I don’t regret it one bit.

My favorite iWatch Accessories

44 on the left 40 on the right





40 mm on the left / 44mm on the right