Building the Magic Mountain Bungalow

We are building a Tiny Home for Airbnb guests, called the Magic Mountain Bungalow. Here's our vision, story and what guests can expect.
5 Things to Say to Your Picky Eater _imovie format

Picky Eater Battles

For most parents…food is an epic battle.  Complaining, whining, wasted food and constant arguments.  You’re juggling a million things and don’t have energy for meal time drama.   I GET IT. I’ve figured out a way to eliminate meal time battles. There are 5 Things to Say to Your Picky Eater to stop or decrease meal time chaos.

Go All In with Character Chips

A simple child behavior system for kids 8 and under parents can implement immediately.

Practical Ways to Decrease Screen Time For your Kids

Someone recently sent a message asking, "how do you decrease screen time for your kids while out in public?" First, what a...

How to Pick a Gym

How to Pick a gym and questions you should ask yourself before signing ANY contract. *Bonus link to local gym reviews for the Santa Clarita Valley.

The Exact Steps I took to Lose 50 lbs

My Health Journey: Part 2 Last week I shared my uncomfortable story about losing 50 pounds in...

Dear Tired Mom Who Hates Her Body: Part 1

I lost 50lbs in 10 months. I never EVER intended to write about this. While I'm proud of myself, this process has...