My Review on WalMart Grocery Pickup


Walmart Grocery Pickup

I’m trying to compose myself.   I feel as though…I could explode with happiness at any moment.   I’ve been waiting for Wal-Mart Grocery Pickup service for some time. I was thrilled when it was announced for my community.   This particular Wal-Mart is farther away but…the convenience is unreal.

This is the future you guys. We are HERE.


Walmart is in a fierce competition with Amazon. They must keep relevant as more people shift to online shopping. Amazon’s Fresh program is getting more popular and free grocery pickup was Walmart’s response.  For more information about Google Express you can check out my previous review.  Intensifying the online battle, Google and Walmart announced a partnership to directly rival their only competitor, Amazon.    Google Express, Amazon Prime and Walmart grocery services are all scrambling for your online business.

I was asked by a few people what I thought of the Walmart Grocery pickup process.  So here’s my breakdown.


Step One:  Log onto    Walmart’s Grocery Page.    (Use my link and you’ll get $10 off your first order) . You can use their app.  But for the first few times, use their desktop version. It’s easier. You can do quick re-orders on their mobile app later.

Step Two:  Fill your cart!  Pay attention to sizes and and specifics.

Step Three:  Pay for your order and schedule your pickup. Depending on the time of day – you might have same day available.  Typically – it’s available the next day.  There are LOTS of options.

Step Four:  Wait for the “You’re Order is Ready” email.  Once it’s received, you click “I’m on my way” and it notifies staff to get ready to head outside.  If you allow access, they will track you on GPS and make sure they are ready.

Step Five:  Follow the orange Grocery Pickup Signs” and park in designated parking spots. You can even tell them what color/make car you’re driving so they can find it faster.  The signs were very clearly outlined and it was very easy to find.

Step Six:  Find a parking spot, sit and wait.  Update the app and you can even tell them what parking spot you’re using. Your personal shopper will meet you and load the groceries for you!  They check the list and explain anything they weren’t able to find or fulfill.

When I arrived, the personal buyer was ready for me.  Before I had the car in park, a nice lady named Teresa was walking outside pulling a large cart with my groceries.

Teresa: My Personal Shopper

I ordered EVERYTHING in my typical weekly Wal-Mart run. My weekly grocery haul is very consistent to maintain our budget.   So for testing this system – I wanted the groceries to be the exact same so I could easily compare.

5 minutes later – DONE!


  • My house to my regular Wal-Mart is 11 minutes away (6.6 miles)
  • My house to the Walmart with “Grocery Pickup” is 21 minutes (11.8 miles) away.

But while the distance is almost exactly doubled….it still only took me 45 minutes to drive there, pickup groceries and come home.   Doing the shopping, standing in line, loading and driving home typically takes me 1.5 hours.    I didn’t have to unload the kids, mess with long lines and mess with carts.


Q:  What about the bags?    A:  You can bring your own and bag them in the parking lot or pay the .10 fee per bag.   I opted to buy them this time because I wanted to see how it worked.   However, the personal shopper was VERY bag generous and put only 1-2 items in each bag.   I’d suggest bringing your own.  I ended up with SO many bags.

Q:  How was the quality of the produce/vegetables etc?  A:   I’m pretty sure, the personal shopper was better at picking fruit, vegetables and meat than I typically do.    The nectarines, bananas, avocados and chicken were exactly as I wanted.   In addition, the personal shopper made a point to tell me she picked avocados at various stages to I could use them throughout the week.  This is exactly what I do!


  • Super easy.  You can use the app or their website.  I found the website easier to navigate and was faster to accomplish everything.
  • You don’t have to go INSIDE the store!
  • No unloading children from car seats.
  • Wal-Mart personal shoppers load bags for you.
  • On your first order, they give you a “Thank You” gift bag with snacks, treats and complimentary products.
  • It’s easier to STAY ON BUDGET.


  • The Wal-Mart Savings Catcher Wal-Mart App and Wal-Mart Grocery apps aren’t synced.  It doesn’t know what I’ve already been tracking with their “Savings Catcher” App.  Maybe one day they will.  But now that I’ve done a few orders, it’s easy for me to “re-order” the same things.(Updated March 2018) .  These two services and apps are now synced!  Which means if you use their “Savings Catcher” (to get rebates) and shop online it syncs across multiple platforms.  Walmart has also partnered with Google to show your recent purchases.  So if you use Google Express to purchase Costco items, it will show things you might need from recent Walmart orders.  It’s very convenient and it avoids me cross-referencing previous orders.


Overall – this is a lifesaver for people with disabilities, families with young children, working adults and …..most humans.

I was very happy with the service and convenience.

Have you used Walmart grocery pickup? What did you think?


  1. So I’m wondering if you can start personalizing your personal shopper. Like Teresa who chose similar to you. It would be great to ask Teresa to do it for you next time too. WalMart will be smart to train those to have an eye and understanding of foods like she did with your avocados.

    • Ok THAT is brilliant. I do want to request her again. She was so specific and paid such attention to my order. WalMart would be so wise to help personalize every aspect of the process.

  2. Love this. The only thing is while the Savings Catcher and Grocery apps aren’t synced you can still enter your receipt number into the Savings Catcher. This service is amazing.

  3. I have used Wal-Mart grocery pick up at least 5 times now! I went 3 weeks not stepping foot in the store until my kids needed shoes! This is the best thing over. I use the app and love that it is so easy! This is a total game charger for my weekend as it has taken away the stress of shopping on Sunday afternoon in a really busy store! It also helps knee stay within my budget! I will use this weekly!

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