My Favorite SCV Small Businesses


Even though it’s Small Business Saturday, I will admit I love the convenience of online shopping.  I’m unashamedly Amazon dependent and love the internet with my whole heart.  But I’m equally passionate about supporting local business and will always push my readers to support their local business community.  You can start by leaving positive reviews and shop local when possible.

I’d encourage you to find your local favorites and leave them a review. Today.   It would encourage them greatly!

Here’s a quick summary of MY favorite local businesses in my community, the Santa Clarita Valley.   I intend to update this list but for now….

Audio Visual

If you need a new television hung or sound system installed please consider SCV Audio Video. In 2013, I met Robert Marshall and did NOT hire him. (Huge mistake) I went with a competitor and it was a terrible experience.  6 months later my project wasn’t completed and my AV contractor was making excuses.  I called SCV Audio Video back and begged the owner, Robert Marshall to help.  He came immediately, fixed the problem in 45 minutes the other vendor couldn’t figure out after months. I’ve used SCV Audio Video multiple times over the years and have been pleased every time.  They do residential and commercial high-end professional installations.  If you’re planning on having a new TV installed during (or after) the holidays, you should call quickly because this is their busiest season.


The Lost Sock Laundromat, located in Newhall California offers home “fluff & Fold” delivery service. They pick up your dirty laundry and drop it off, clean and folded, the same day! It’s truly an incredible service.  This service can be especially helpful for families suffering from a medical crisis, new baby or breathtaking tragedy. The owners, Joe & Rachel Garel, have partnered with me multiple times helping local single moms, widows and families who need an extra hand. They have free delivery within 3 miles of their location , $5 within 10 miles.  COUPON:  If you mentioned this article, they will give you 10% off your first service.   I tend to schedule service when we return from vacation and get backed up on laundry.  It’s amazing to get caught up so quickly.

Photographer and Business Videography

If you’ve lived in Santa Clarita a while you’ve probably heard about Schlick Art.  Brian and Lindsey are well plugged into the community and their photography and video work is outstanding. Early last year I won an auction prize allowing me to participate in their Signature Experience package.  This is an-all day pampering experience that exceeded all my expectations.  They have a wide range of services but specialize in business videography and signature pampering packages. They have an interesting combination of talents on their staff.  What’s fascinating is they manage to be part artist, part digital marketing specialist and part personality experts.  It’s important to note, that Schlick Art is truly a luxury photography boutique studio.  If you want inexpensive and standard – you can find decent photographers everywhere.  However, if you’d like to truly capture your story, vision and personality you should call Schlick Art. If you’d just like your picture taken… anyone can take a photo or press record.   But not everyone can coach, motivate and tell YOUR story well.  (I’m sharing my full story in a few weeks and will divulge the details of my pampering day.)

Sneak Peak

Girls Night Out

My family creed!

AR Workshop in Saugus is a locally owned charming boutique workshop allowing customers to design unique artwork. They provide all materials and instruction. You can customize your project with your choice of stains, colors & techniques. You can come individually, schedule a group workshop or host a private event. My husband and I wrote a detailed Family Creed over 3 years ago.  I’ve reached out to probably a dozen local artists and companies to help create a piece for my wall but very returned messages.  The ones who did were unable to help me design.  I looked into ordering from an Etsy shop but the prices were astronomical and never exactly what I wanted.  A few weeks ago, I was invited to a fundraiser hosted at AR Workshop and was immediately impressed.  The staff responded quickly and ensured they’d help me design from start to finish.  The staff created a custom graphic and I ultimately left with exactly what I wanted.  They helped me match colors in my home and provided direction every step of the way.  If you need a girls night activity, team building or fundraiser ideas, you should consider AR Workshop.

COUPON:  If you use BRENDIE10 (all caps) you get 10% off your product.

Martial Arts

Iron Fist Martial Arts is a locally owned, award winning studio where my oldest son studies. There are a LOT of local studios but Iron Fist is truly different.  Many studios place an emphasis on belt promotion regardless of the child’s abilities.  Promoting them too early gives children a false sense of accomplishment. Master Patrick maintains high standards for his students and doesn’t promote to appease parents.  Iron Fist also places a huge emphasis on respect and discipline which is important to me.

They primarily focus on the practice of Tae Kwon Do, however, they incorporate various other disciplines; such as: Karate, Hap Ki Do, Aikido, Judo, Japanese Jiu-jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and Muy Thai/Kickboxing.  Iron Fist also has a popular kickboxing class for adults and a Light Force Academy for star wars fans.

Breakfast & Bloody Maries

The Egg Plantation is a Santa Clarita staple.  It’s basically everyone’s favorite breakfast joint and they deserve this recognition!   I recently went for my birthday (to get my free breakfast of course) and brought my three young kids. I was apprehensive bringing them but the staff had amazing activities, toys and coloring supplies ready.   And let me clarify, they didn’t offer random coloring pages.   The Egg Plantation had well-thought out activities, quality crayons that gave my boys plenty to do allowing me to speak with a friend and truly enjoy breakfast and of course, their top-notch Bloody Mary.