An Open Letter to Moms on Their Phone at the Park


Dear Mom on her Phone at the Park.

You’re on the phone. AGAIN.

You need to respond to an email. Answer a text. A time sensitive message comes through on your business facebook account. You need to answer.

But you’re at the park with your kids. It’s a beautiful day. But you’re looking down. I know you feel guilty. I can see you’re trying to push your kids on the swing, make calls, respond and play chase simultaneously.

I get it.

I understand.

You might work from home. Like me. Your kids are bored at home. You left the house to let them run, jump, explore and give you a few minutes to tackle emails.

Please don’t feel guilty…unless you should feel guilty.  If you’re consistently ignoring your kids and putting social media before watching them grow…that’s a problem.     That’s not what this post is about.

There are millions of Stay-at-Home-Working-Moms trying to earn income SO they can stay at home.  And sometimes that means….being on the phone at the park.

And let’s face it – regardless of where you work, co-workers, employers and clients expect you to return messages within minutes.  This unrealistic expectation puts exhausting pressure on working parents.  The mom could also be handling sensitive family issues such as banking, dealing with insurance companies or making healthcare appointments.

So please.  Tackle those emails quickly.  Finish that call. And then ENJOY the park with your kids.  Don’t feel guilty.    I admire your hustle and dedication.

I’ll see you at the park.