Top 4 Voting Day Excuses


It’s VOTING DAY!  Did ya know?

During this time of year, I normally get a few ballot questions (which I welcome). Unfortunately, often there are more excuses then inquiries.

I would rather hear, “I totally know it’s important, BUT…. I don’t care.”

This is honesty I appreciate.

For your entertainment, here are the top 4 excuses.

I don’t have time to pay attention to politics.

This is silly. And…more importantly… I don’t believe you. Between Facebook and TV…American’s have PLENTY of time in their day.  And in 2016, it was determined people spend nearly an hour every day scrolling through Facebook status updates, liking Instagram posts, or chatting on Messenger.

Quick Tip:  Simply take fewer “What Disney Princess Character Are You” quizzes.  You could find some extra time.  TA-DA!

I don’t know where to vote.

Super great news! This is 2018. The information and details are easily accessible. The internet has really caught on and everything is centralized. You can even get your sample LA County info electronically now. It’s awesome.

I didn’t get anything in the mail.

If you didn’t get a ballot in the mail, then you probably haven’t registered to vote in the first place. Or you moved and never updated your information.  Don’t blame the Post Office.  This is on you.   And AGAIN…the internet for the win. You can register to vote online.

I’m afraid of getting called for jury duty.

This is hilarious but a very common excuse. This excuse is based on a myth making it a double-whammy silly. Jury pools are called from driver license records. So….if you are really worried about getting asked to fulfill your civic duty…. hand over those car keys. I’ll take them your hands.

I do recognize I’m in the “extreme camp”.  As your neighbor, I simply wish my community cared a bit more. These issues affect your family and you are missing your opportunity to make a difference.

And as always….if you need recommendations, message me and I’ll give you the local run down.

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