7 Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy


Halloween Coma.   Candy Hangovers.  Parents are drowning in candy the day after Halloween.  Here are 7 quick ideas for leftover Halloween candy.

You all know meal-planning and home management is my thing.  So let’s make a plan and incorporate meal planning with the extra candy.

First, separate out your family’s favorite.  Our purpose is to make a plan with the excess candy not take it all destroying their sugar dreams.

What to do with:


  • Freeze it!  Chocolate can last months in the freezer and can be eaten after defrosting.
  • Chop it! Why not set some aside for Thanksgiving or Christmas baking?  Chop it up and use it for brownies, cookies or milkshakes.


  • Crush it for ice cream sundaes.  It’s a great family night idea!   Everyone can smash their own candy (inside a ziplock bag) then make it into toppings.
  • Fill a mason jar with hard candy and leave it in the guest room, use for potty training rewards or milestone accomplishments for older kids. (For example:  My 5yo son gets a skittle every time he finds and writes down a sight word.  He brings a piece of paper and will write down words he finds when we are driving or walking in a store.)

Donate leftover candy to American troops.

The candy is combined with other items and made into amazing care packages. There are many organizations that do this but the two most prominent are Soldier Angels or Operation Gratitude.

Candy Buy-Back Program

There are many companies and local dentist offices who will pay CASH for Candy.   I think it’s a great way to support local businesses AND purge the extra candy. Find a local office here.

Throw it Away

I don’t know why this is hard for people.  If you got a stash of terrible candy from cheapskates…don’t hold on to it.  Toss it and free your home from candy clutter.  The holidays are coming with even more sweets on the way.  Just get rid of whatever you don’t want.

What’s your post-Halloween plan for candy?


  1. I throw it away too. My husband thinks this is horrible because the kids “worked hard for it.” We are not on the same page with this. I do stash the “good stuff” for future use. But I have qualms about dumping the crummy candy.

    • So hard! But great job having a plan for the “good stuff”. My kids are younger so I’m sure it will get harder as they get older.

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