Dear Tired Mom Who Hates Her Body: Part 1


I lost 50lbs in 10 months. I never EVER intended to write about this. While I’m proud of myself, this process has been embarrassing and isolating. I’ve started writing this about 200 times only to delete and shrink away from my laptop.

I don’t enjoy talking about my food intake and fitness journey. I’m regularly exhausted reading about the latest health trends, cleanses, and fad diets. Everyone has a strong opinion about their personal eating choice. Some are militant and downright unbearable to be around. The “healthy” community is often hostile. Can we admit that? I will. I have a number of acquaintances, I mentally categorize as “Healthy but hostile“.

There are countless fitness and weight loss articles. Literally countless. Meaning, you cannot COUNT them. You could fill an ocean with opinions and articles on weight loss.

I didn’t want to participate in this over-saturated market. It’s not really “my brand” but slowly …. it become my story. I decided that if I was going to share the “how”, I’d first try and reach one particular person.  The tired mom. So here’s my letter to her.

Dear tired mom.

Yes, you. The one with furry teeth and knots in her hair. The one who doesn’t recognize her body, avoids mirrors and physical contact.

The one who cries in the dark when she feels her tummy hang when she rolls over in bed.


I want to first tell you… It’s OK. You’re in the trenches of sleepless nights and can barely breathe. Please give yourself a mental and physical break. You’re doing a great job. You are. I know you don’t believe me.

You may be recovering from a difficult labor and delivery. You may be suffering from postpartum depression. Regardless of how you got your baby (vaginal, cesarean, adoption) your life is drastically different. Your hormones are likely screwing with you. There are some dark moments in your mind. I understand.

You can barely function some days. Adding a diet and exercise into your routine sounds as plausible as visiting the Moon on the weekend. You watch the videos of super-fit moms doing lunges (in their perfectly clean living room) while holding a toddler and wonder what’s wrong with you.

These are all valid and understandable reasons. I want you to hear that I understand.

If this mom is you… I get it. I know you! I am you! Just typing those scenarios above reminds me of the chaos in my mind. I just want you know – that you’re valuable, loved and wanted regardless of how you feel or look.

So if you’re looking for a “real life” story of someone who hates the gym and despises diets…. listen up. I want to encourage you to quiet the inner, destructive voice in your head. I want to SCREAM at you….”YOU CAN DO THIS”. I want you to hear my story and know I wrote this for you.

My Story

I had 3 babies within 3.5 years. Each baby was bigger than the last. The last one clocked in at 10.5 pounds and 2 feet long. (Ridiculous) My body was wrecked. My insides were a mess and my pelvis structure was damaged. It felt like I was always walking on a water bed. I felt unstable constantly. Not a great scenario with 3 kids at home to manage and keep alive.

I work partially outside of the home and additionally consult for various clients working from home. Making time for health and fitness just didn’t seem possible. And honestly? It really wasn’t possible for many many months.

I hate the gym. I just do. I don’t like extreme diets and trendy nutritional fads. I didn’t want to talk to anyone because I dreaded the inevitable sales pitches. With all of my personal holdups and hesitations I didn’t know where to start. It was (and still is) overwhelming. So I kept quiet and muddled through my physical discomfort.

Breaking the Cycle

October 2017 (left) and August 2018 (right)

In December 2017, I finally decided to make a change. I realized that even though I teach meal-planning, I wasn’t eating regularly and paying attention. I was meal-planning for the rest of the family but would often go the entire day without eating. This was incredibly embarrassing to realize I was not practicing what I taught my Meal-Planning students.

In January 2018, I purchased the Meal Planning Bundle and started implementing serious changes in my kitchen and my mind. I didn’t follow any specific diet. I didn’t cut any food groups. I just started paying attention. I did participate in a weight-loss accountability group that I’ll write about another time.

But the main reason I lost weight was because I started MEAL PLANNING. And the Meal-Planning bundle saved me a ton of time and effort. I’m buried in children and diapers most of the day. Even though I teach how to get started, I fell into some terrible habits and my body and health suffered greatly.

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019

In part 2, I will cover my experience picking and finding a gym. (Exhausting process.) I will explain how I eventually started working out which was terrifying for me.

This entire process wasn’t easy. There are no “tricks”. There’s no short cut.

But if this tired, overwhelmed and discouraged mom of 3 boys can muddle her way through weight loss.

You can too. I promise.

⬇️ [VIDEO] How lost 50lbs ⬇️

I lost 50lbs in 2018. I'm finally ready to talk about it.

😬 I never planned on speaking about this or sharing my story. But …. here I am.I lost 50 pounds in 2018 and here's how. This was VERY uncomfortable to speak about but here goes….2:00 Quick Disclaimer2:30 How I lost 50lbs in 10 months8:00 The number one reason I love the meal-planning bundle10:40 Why I was nervous talking about this13:00 What exactly IS the bundle14:00 My role IN the Bundle itself. So exciting!(Note: No shakes, seran wraps, supplements or pyramids were involved or will be pushed.)Meal Planning Bundle:

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