Well. Crap. I officially have a blog.


I’m not sure what’s happened.  But I have a… Blog.

Confession.  I don’t have a positive perception of blogs.  To me – they are a place for people to complain online.  An online diary. Lots of whining.  When I’ve had a hard, exhausting day…I don’t want to read about someone else’s hard, exhausting day.

My husband, Noah, challenged me at the beginning of 2017 to start a blog.  I argued and pushed back.  He insisted that I already had a blog in fragmented posts on Facebook.  I’ve been encouraged by friends and family as well…but it really got my attention when my husband pitched the idea.  He’s normally telling me NOT to accept new projects.

I asked him – give me the top 3 reasons why I should start a blog.  I don’t have the time.  I’m tired.  And I don’t know anything about building websites.

With zero hesitation he rattled off 3 reasons.

  1.  You’re already doing most of the work, babe.   You write and communicate things on Facebook.  You just need the expound a bit more.
  2. It can be a venue to encourage and help people.
  3. I think you’ll love it.

Well. There you have it folks.   His confidence in me… was inspiring.

A few weeks later we arranged a babysitter and went to a local restaurant and mapped the plan and purpose for this blog.  So, while this page might have my name…it’s truly a family project.    Noah’s insights on what I should write absolutely fascinated me.  I was seeing a glimpse of how my husband perceived my writings and online persona. He had never shared ANY of this perception with me.  He listed very specific areas he thought could help people while I took notes.  His encouragement and push…is what drove this process.

Just a few weeks in…I already have an appreciation for others who’ve attempted this beast-of-a-project.   There’s so much to learn and terminology to digest. If you want to do it correctly….there’s some significant effort.

It’s also 100% uncomfortable.  This is an incredibly vulnerable position.  Will this effort be in vain?  Will the words and articles help…anyone?  I’m also a fairly self-confident person.  But I’m self-conscious with my grammar shortcomings.  Please be gentle.  I’m grammatically flawed.

And then there’s this shirt.   I always think about this shirt.    Maybe it will be true. But –  I’m going to at least try.

So.  While we have “a plan” established…who knows where the Lord will take this project. It’s scary. But… it’s happening.

My name is Brendie.  And I have a blog.