Robo Call Lawsuit – Could you get $900?


I. Hate. Unsolicited. Marketing.

One of my first articles I wrote was how to stop junk mail.  I don’t care whether you’re a major retailer, small store-front business, selling face cream or “butta” leggings on facebook.   If I say “no thank you”….. LEAVE. ME. ALONE.

I can’t understand the mindset of infuriating your customer base with unsolicited spammy messages and ignoring them when they say, “Please stop.”

Business 101.   Don’t ignore and bombard potential customers with spam.  Not only is it tacky – it’s illegal.

I’m on every “op-out” list (both digital and print) I can find.  But the “free cruise line” robo calls just wouldn’t stop. They were relentless.  Have you ever received a recorded “you won a cruise” phone call? They suddenly stopped a while back and I wondered why.  Well….

Someone sued them.

They violated enough laws and irritated enough people to get slapped with a 12.5 million dollars judgement.  A marketing company and four major cruise lines were sued for violating basic Consumer Telephone Protection Act legislation.   Four separate cruise lines purchased customer information and using a third party marketing firm SPAMMED THE HELL out of people.   Once you were on their list…you couldn’t get off.   Probably because — you weren’t supposed to be ON their list in the first place.   Federal law states you cannot receive pre-recorded robocalls without permission.

If you received a call – you might be eligible for a settlement.

Those eligible to submit a claim had to have received a call between July 23, 2009 and March 8, 2014. If you’re wondering whether you’re eligible to submit a claim, you can file a claim form here before Nov. 3, 2017.  Each illegal call is worth $300. A phone number can qualify for up to three calls or a maximum of $900.

I checked my number and my number was on the list of claimants.  I checked a few random people and MANY of my friends and family were on this list as well.

Please share this!  Check your number to see if you’re eligible for a claim.   The more people who submit claims sends a clear message to future companies considering this aggressive and illegal form of advertising.   There seems to be a flurry of TPCA litigation over various industries.

Share with your friends and family to see if they can receive $900!






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