Organize LEGO Instruction Manuals in 5 minutes [Free Download]


How to Quickly Organize Lego Manuals

I hate LEGOS you guys.  I really do.    But with 3 boys … I decided to get over this and accept their place in my life.  But I do NOT have to accept their physical PLACE in my HOME.


Most of my frustration with Legos is the chaos they bring.  But good news! I figured out a quick way to organize Lego manuals and wanted to share with you!

The LEGOS are currently banished in the garage where my two younger children can’t get to them.

We had ZERO Legos in the house and then my friend Kim gave us thousands at once!  Even though I hate them, I couldn’t pass up this deal!  She is incredibly generous and I knew my house needed Legos.

There are a LOT of of online tutorials on how to organize LEGOs themselves. I’ve previously shared how I’ve organized indoor and outdoor toys but the LEGOS and their manuals intimidated me. I finally decided to use the popular IKEA TROFAST Toy Storage Hack( Size 39 x 22 x17 3/8 ” ). It was about $100 and simple to get finished.  We attached grey baseplates on top and only took an hour.

How to Organize the Instructions

The lego instruction manuals however weren’t so easily organized. I wanted an simple way for my 5yo son to find what he needed.  I saw other tutorials but the process involved cutting the manual, removing staples, pressing back down….and…. no.  Just no.  I don’t have time for that nonsense.  Additionally, because are so many categories and series for Legos, you really have to think about the system.

This binder was my solution, it cost me $28 and was done in minutes.  I hope it’s helpful to someone else! At the bottom, I’ve included my templates and printable if you’d like to use them.

Three Basic Steps

  • STEP 1:  Organize your manuals by category or series.  There are a LOT of categories so get your child involved! They can sort for you.
  • STEP 2: Purchase how many binders and expandable binder pockets you need.  It depends on how many manuals you have.  I used the 2″ binders because it fit 5 expandable pockets nicely.   I made two full binders and have room for future manuals.
  • STEP 3: Print binder covers and sticker labels (if wanted).   Don’t miss the templates below.


There are a lot of manuals in here
The plastic is thick and durable


There are too many categories to create a specific binder cover for every family.  But if there’s another boy mom reading with these particular LEGOS in her home….  I’m provided my LEGO Binder Covers.  There are three blank pages at the end where you can handwrite your categories.   I’ve also included the binder spine template for you.



If you’re using the TROFAST system

LEGO Classic Baseplate  

Expandable binder pocket

2 inch Binders


Here’s the final cost breakdown.   It’s really streamlined and organized our Lego station and my son (and husband) is happy!

Trofast Storage 39.99
Bins 27.00
Baseplates 39.39
TOTAL 106.38
Two (2) Binders 7.20
Two (2) Binder Pockets 20.58
TOTAL 27.78

Was this helpful?   How do you organize Legos?