10 EASY Mom Hacks for Alexa


Mom Hacks for Alexa

Since today is Amazon PRIME Day and Alexa enabled devices are deeply discounted… I thought I’d share the 10 ways I use Alexa as a mom.  These 10 EASY Mom Hacks have made my life much easier!  Some are silly – but I find them helpful!

Not everyone loves Alexa and that’s ok!  But if you have an Echo Dot or Echo Plus and don’t know how to make it useful… keep reading.

If you’re thinking about getting one for Prime Day … keep reading.

Disclaimer:  There are endless super “techy” things you can do with Alexa like turning on your TV, searching for Netflix, turning off lights and changing the thermostat  but this is specifically Mom Hacks for Alexa

I have the cheapest Alexa model (the 2nd generation Dot) and she works great.  I wanted the smallest one fit on my kitchen counter.  We also a small Dot in my Airbnb guest room.

I’m frequently asked “how do you use Alexa“? So… let’s get started.

These are my top 10 favorite ways I use Alexa as a Mom.

10.   Alexa as a Toy Referee

Kids fighting over toys is natural and expected.    I’ve started using Alexa to remind the kids when to “switch”.   There’s something magical about HER telling the boys to switch and give someone a turn.   When it’s my voice…they freak out.  But when Alexa says, “Give Optimus Prime to your brother” they fall in line.  It’s hilarious and effective.

9. Alexa as a Clean-up Motivation

I posted a video previously about using Alexa to play music as a fun “clean up” countdown.  We play the Superman Theme song and the boys frantically clean up before it’s over.   We’ve been doing this for MONTHS and it seriously always works.  Obviously, you could use any other method to play songs.  But I like not having to find my phone, find the song and fumble with the TV remote.  Alexa makes it super fast.    There is a HUGE library of free songs but you’ll need the Amazon Prime Music subscription for some songs.  For Prime Day – you can get 4 months of unlimited music for only. 99 cents!   

8.  Alexa as a Personal Scheduler

This is one of my favorite ways to use Alexa.   You can link your calendar and input appointments quickly.  I do this almost every when opening the mail.   I will add doctor appointments and due dates without picking up my phone.  It takes seconds and I don’t forget to enter dates manually later.  The appointment populate into my calendar within seconds.

7. Alexa as a Maid.

This tip will only work if you have other smart devices in your home. But I absolutely LOVE asking Alexa to turn on my vacuum when my hands are occupied. I did a complete review of the one I use a few weeks ago for Product Review Thursdays.   Typically – I will ask Alexa to turn on the vacuum when I’m walking out the door, hands are full with a baby-on-the-hip.  I like that my house gets vacuumed when I’m gone!

6. Alexa for Meal Planning

Sometimes I will prep multiple frozen meals for busy weeks.   But during the craziness of the day I often forget to pull them OUT of the freezer.  Now  I set reminders on Alexa.  She will specifically say “This is your reminder: take out the frozen meals”.  Or if I know I’m making cookies and need softened butter, I will ask her to remind (at a certain time) to take butter from the fridge.

5.  Alexa as a “Honey To Do” List

This one my husband laughs at …. but appreciates.  A few weeks ago I was out of town with the kids and he stayed behind for work. Trash day is on Friday morning, so Thursday night I had Alexa remind him around 8:30pm “Hey Babe. Please remember to take out the trash.”   He HAD forgotten and was grateful for the reminder.

4. Alexa for Current Events

The mornings are busy and hectic.  I don’t have cable and don’t have time to read the news online.   I will ask Alexa to “start my day” and she will play various news stations (that I select) and also give me the day’s weather.

3. Alexa as A Kitchen Assistant

Many times I’m reading a recipe and the conversions are “off” or confusing.  If I’m doubling a recipe, sometimes it’s not obvious the correct measurements.  I can say, “Alexa, how many tablespoons are in a half cup” and she says, “There are 8 tablespoons in a half cup.”   THANKS!  Moving on.

2. ????Alexa as my Personal Reader  ????

If you don’t have time to *read* books…. consider asking Alexa to read books TO you. This is how I’m reading “Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys”.   You know..the book I won’t stop talking about! (Not sorry) Audible Memberships is the cheapest on Prime Day.

1. Alexa, as Laundry Assistant

This is silly…but this is my FAVORITE way to use Alexa.  How many times do you start a load of laundry and leave to get smelly?  Not just me?   I like the laundry to get switched quickly and keep things moving. If I’m leaving the house and my husband is staying home, I will set a reminder for him to remember to switch when I’m gone. Since we’ve start using Alexa to remind us about laundry – we’ve been able to stay on top of laundry much easier.


I started using Alexa as a Personal Trainer a few weeks ago!  There is a 5-Minute Workout routine that’s so fun!  I literally do it in the kitchen with my kids.  It’s only 5 minutes (obviously) and the boys think it’s hilarious.

I hope these Mom Hacks for Alexa were helpful!

Do you have an Alexa device? How do YOU use it?