yeah this is real life

Isn’t this what dinner time looks like in your house? Calm. Clean. Organized. Full glass of wine. With a touch of flirtation?

[insert eye rolls here]

Stop it.

Dinner time is freaking hard work. It’s stressful. If you’ve got kids… it mirrors Lord of the Flies. But it doesn’t HAVE to be like this.  Everyone knows they should plan weekly meals.   But this skill hasn’t been taught to the last few generations.   It’s a lost art form.   We need to bring it back!  No one taught me how to meal plan.  I had to figure it out.   I love walking people through best practices and tips to get them started.

I am working with the Castaic library to offer a FREE meal-planning workshop. If you’d like to be notified when the date is confirmed, submit your name and preferred time.  NOTE: Your information won’t be saved or shared. I have zero minutes or interest in spamming you. This is only to email when the date has been confirmed.  *Please share to find more interested friends!*

Let’s get a plan together.  You can do this.

In the workshop we will cover:

  • Meal planning basics
  • How to get started with practical tips
  • How to organize meals for the week
  • Organize your pantry and fridge

Submit the form below.  The more people who express interest, the more classes the library will offer (with various time options.)  Please share this post and ask your local SCV friends if they’re interested.

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