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Isn’t this what dinner time looks like in your house? Calm. Clean. Organized. Full glass of wine. With a touch of flirtation?

[insert eye roll here]

Stop it.

Dinner time is freaking hard work. It’s stressful. If you’ve got kids… it mirrors Lord of the Flies. But it doesn’t HAVE to be like this.  Everyone knows they should plan weekly meals.   But this skill hasn’t been taught to the last few generations.   It’s a lost art form.   We need to bring it back!  No one taught me how to meal plan.  I had to figure it out.

Confession:  I sincerely LOVE walking people through best practices and tips to get them started.

Here’s how I can help.

Attend a Meal Planning Workshop

During the year, I host multiple Meal Planning workshops.  If you’d like to be notified when the next workshop is scheduled, please sign up for my email list. (see below form) Note: I don’t send spammy emails.  Those are irritating.  They are short and concise.

In my workshops we cover:

    • Meal planning basics
    • How to get started with practical tips
    • How to organize meals for the week
    • Organizing your pantry and fridge

Also – check out this Healthy Meal Planning bundle I found that’s a great jump start to the new year!  It’s jammed with great tips and resources.

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