Is That Your Emergency ?


Is That Your Emergency?

An article I recently wrote, “Is That Your Emergency” was featured on our local newspaper’s website about police and first responder’s activity.   It got traction quickly and started a great discussion.   I was inspired to write the article after the terrifying Southern California fires that devastated our surrounding communities.  The inaccurate, dangerous and downright foolish information I saw shared on social media was maddening.  It appears, an “emergency” somehow unleashes the worst in social media and people lose their self-restraint entirely.

After my article appeared in the paper, I received multiple private messages from first responders and 911 dispatchers thanking me for the piece.  I’m convinced, our culture’s need for “information” on emergencies is often not healthy, not warranted and not helpful.

I’d encourage you to check it out…and let me know what you think!