Toy Organization with Free Label Template


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Confession.  I’ve had this template for toy organization ready for months. I’ve delayed sharing because I didn’t have “nice” pictures to add to the post.   And today I realized….that was lame.   I know other articles have fancy graphics and professional quality photos showcasing their work.   You guys….I don’t have time for that creativity.

But I didn’t want my lack time to delay sharing any longer. So I snapped photos of the toys, didn’t arrange anything and took low quality photos.   I hope you’ll still be cool with me.

Toy Organization

Let’s talk specifically about indoor doors because I’ve already covered how to organize outdoor toys.

If your house is anything like mine, suddenly you’re drowning in toys post-Christmas.


Let’s handle that nonsense, shall we?

I made these labels and love them. They’ve really helped my kids understand where each toy belongs and eliminated clutter. I added pictures because I want my kids to put their OWN dang toys away.

Disclaimer: Because I have all boys – they are pretty “boy centric”.  I tried to add girl toy categories but had to literally google “what do girls play with”.   (What the hell are Hatchimals?)

Second Disclaimer:  If you have only girls or only boys…some of the images might not apply.  However, I’d suggest you print them anyway and give them to a friend.  You’d be their organizational hero.

How to Use the Labels

  1. Purchase Avery Round 2″ labels.  I personally used the Avery 2″ Durable labels because everything in my home (with three boys) needs to be durable. The durable ones are more expensive.  I’ve seen them at Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon.  But they’ve always been cheaper on Amazon.
  2. Next download this Toy Label template.
  3. Print them.  Note: NEVER select “fit to page” when printing. It won’t work.
  4. Put them on whatever container you’d like.  I use the the Sterilite small shoe bins. (At Wal-Mart they can be found at: Sterilite 12 Qt./11.4 L Storage Box, White –


  • Put labels on both sides so it shows either direction.
  • Take advantage of the learning opportunity! Example: When asking them to put toys away, ask them specifically to find the box that says “B-A-L-L-S for Balls.”  It starts word and letter recognition early.