Happy Birthday Wade!


Happy Birthday my sweet Wade.

Your smile and hilarious cackle bring so much joy into our home.  

Below is Wade’s Birth Video. Note: It is NOT graphic in anyway but is certainly personal.

I hesitate to share for a few reasons. Some reasons are vain (let’s face it… 9.5 months pregnant and “labor” doesn’t look good on anyone) and some reasons are harder to articulate.

“Birthing stories” can evoke strong emotions. Women comparing their victories and failures leave many moms feeling deep regret and bitterness about “their story”.

Here’s my disclaimer.

  • Wade’s birth story isn’t about me.
  • It’s not about natural vs. medicated/hospital.
  • It’s not about my body and even the miracle of child birth.
  • It should be about glorifying the CREATOR OF LIFE.
  • God is the author of life…not a woman in labor.
With that said…. I really do love this video. Swollen face and everything!  Now, go grab a tissue.  Because this is beautiful.